Success Spotlight Testimonial: Safari Towing & Recovery

Keilyn Mancilla
By Keilyn Mancilla
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Safari Towing & Recovery, located in McKinney, Texas, started out as a small, family-run, full-service towing and recovery business with one truck and one employee. In just five years, the company has grown to 12 tow trucks and 24 employees. That type of growth is not a coincidence. Safari Towing owner Jason Ward credits the company’s distinct customer service, willingness to adopt technology and a financing partner that understands his business growth plan for contributing to the company’s success.

Safari Towing & Recovery snapshot

  • Small, family-run business
  • In five years, company grew to 12 trucks, 24 employees
  • Customer service and technological advances grew company footprint
  • To meet demands, new trucks and good financing partner needed
  • Leased six trucks in two years with Beacon Funding

Customer Service That’s Ahead of the Curve  

As a small business, the handling of customer service can make or break a company’s longevity. Treating customers with respect and concern is the foundation of Safari Towing’s customer service. It is the company’s forte and what has fostered the growing customer base, according to Jason. Combining the best of corporate policies and the best family-owned values has contributed to the company’s service excellence. When customers are happy and confident in services the customer base grows. In addition, other companies and potential partners that could utilize their services take notice.

Safari Towing & Recovery

Effective Use of Technology Enhances the Customer Experience

Using the evolving technology of the towing industry coupled with customer service has set Safari Towing apart from its competition. “It’s what brings repeat customers,” says Ward. Without technology, even the best customer service would fall short.

“You can’t make your ETA without equipment. To give the best customer service you have to have the right equipment and enough of that equipment."

“Technology has made quicker ETA possible. [We can get] information back and forth to the driver. Smart phones and GPS systems have also added efficiency to the business,” says Ward.

Even with the strong roots in customer service and effective use of advancing technology, Safari Towing still faces challenges like many other small businesses. According to Ward, one of the biggest challenges is updating the truck fleet to meet the growing footprint of the company. New business opportunity gave Safari Towing a reason to add trucks and staff, but it did not give it the answers for how to turn that need into a reality.

What's a Faster ETA Without the Truck?

Due to the company’s success, Ward had to look for a way to acquire new trucks and replace old, worn trucks. In Beacon Funding, he found a lender that could understand his business and moved quickly.

“Working with a [lender] that understands our industry is important [for the] terms and approval times [we need]. Sometimes you have to move fast on buying a truck, so having a [lender] that knows you and the market is very important,” says Jason.

Safari Towing saw incredible growth in a short time period after earning the trust of major motor clubs and its county in Texas. For this reason, they needed to have an avenue for acquiring and upgrading trucks. Ward leased six trucks in the last two years with Beacon Funding. The business' success drove the equipment acquisitions and the equipment, in turn, has driven even more business opportunity. Through Beacon’s Truck Financing Perks and financing programs, Safari Towing & Recovery has met their customers' needs.

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Thank you to Safari Towing & Recovery for participating in Beacon Funding's Success Spotlight program. The Success Spotlight program gives Beacon customers and partners a chance to shine with recognition of their equipment financing success. This is achieved through enhanced exposure and free nationwide publicity through Beacon's online channels. To learn more about the program click here.

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